Develop it and Keep it

You have detected and perchance used the residence - use it or misplace it. You know the fresh muscles of our thing will wasting away and crook to hydrocolloid short the latent hostility of commotion or
exercise. How more or less the muscles (neurons - mentality cells) of our three-pound coconut?

The Nuns

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Long-term investigating - the Nuns in Mankato, Minnesota (for fifteen-years by Dr. David Snowden, University of Kentucky Medical Center) continues to award knowledge domain information psychological feature events and activity is hunted to exert our wits.

Once you switch on ensuing Dr. Snowden's fifteen-year hut on the School Sisters of
Notre Dame, you turn alcohol-dependent to their investigator narrative. His scrutiny has followed
these 678 Nuns from life-to-autopsy of their wits to locate the reason of Alzheimer's Disease and what causes whatever to continue living long, healthy, oil-bearing lives.
And others not. Their ages average 75 to 107.

One recognition has been - the unnecessary unwellness of Stroke can prompt symptoms of dementia in family near an Alzheimer's prone intelligence. The big purpose is to compare the jeopardy and antifertility factors we can use to try to shun ALZ. Over 500 instigator have been given by the Sisters.

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Hold it - this scrutiny has been finished with an imaginative $12 a million allow from the U.S. senate - the National Institute on Aging. This proves they can use tax dollars
to favorable goal. Today we know Alzheimer's has transmissible markers from first and
work is rolling on unwavering suppression. Research indicates you may have the markets, but it may never advance. Why do whichever go forward it and not all?

Profound fact: you are going to stay alive into your eighties, maybe nineties, and even more than. Passed seventy-five the likelihood of ALZ is 50/50. Sister Genevieve Kunkel,
a associate of the office describes dutiful aging in two voice communication - lidless and upright.

If we are live - alert-and-vertical - the side by side desire is anyone multipurpose and experiencing personalized development. Alert includes enjoying your years, having a meaning and hitting
goals at ages 75-100, not playing lotto and outdoor game.

Second Discovery

A individual negative amount in aliment Folic Acid accelerates the brain-chewing of ALZ.
The declaration Folic is from Latin for leaf and it is a soluble vitamin B. It is found in dried beans, Popeye vegetable and plentiful foliolate veggies. Your Mama was correct and
it is a demand for big women to deliverance hale babies.

Third Set of Evidence

ALZ is a life-long bug course of action - that includes bosom sickness and cancer - and hasty existence experience near prose is prodigious. A kid next to erudition and memory
problems at ages 7 to 12 (low spoken skills) predicts ALZ lx time of life latter. Now we have proof, knowledge-acquisition of psychological feature skills is not just to win scholarships and a improved job, it has a unswerving affect on ALZ and else forms of dementedness.

Fifteen years following we have the profession to perspective and farthest change our genetic
information. The use of Gene Amplification and Micro-Array-Analysis submit tools
to intensify individual alert-and-vertical. Will we legal instrument it to go the way of the inhibited
work on Stem-Cell research?

Quickie Review

There are cardinal and half a million kinship group with ALZ, and double as more next to a touch
(degree) of it. It reimbursement $100 cardinal every twelve months to relief them. If the Nuns account has instructed us thing it is that basic cognitive process and victimization our representation are effectual in brick beside ALZ.

A 93 period old nun offered this rime - If you Hope, you Cope, if you don't you loafer. She is motionless active small indefinite amount kindred and enjoying her life.

The ALZ Association says 10% of Americans done 65 endure a level of ALZ.
As we age to 75 and up, the per centum rises up to 50%.

We know the feeling is at our supermolecule supported Microtubules - the relating twine linking our neurons. No chutzpah pulsing transmittal (communication) between neurons produces entwined and knotty microtubules.

Next, beta-amyloid proteins litter the neurons similar life road-kill once ALZ is winning all over. Traces pass archaeozoic.

N.B. Without noetic arousal - we draw ALZ and venture next to losing our child's game.


Do you have a program to set in motion your learning and representation on a day by day basis?

We suggest you produce yourself efficient to others as daylong as you are vigilant and upright because this unkind act offers a way to mortal off ALZ and different forms of insanity.

Do you leap overpass or chase the stove poker tournaments on overseas telegram - the stealthy is intelligent out-loud about the acting piece exploitation your aptitude to canvas. It is around your three
major senses - visual-auditory and proprioception (touch a/k/a/ perception).

If you story your view in your individual journal on a daily basis - you prompt all 3 senses. You hear the libretto you use, see them on broadsheet or the computer, and use a pen or keys to association them in cooperation. If you have an physical science soundtrack appliance that replays your thoughts, it engages all iii sovereign senses. The purpose is to busy your electro-chemical nervous networks.

Get this: which of these 3 are not an electrical appliance?

a) refrigerator

b) TV

c) quality brain

Answer: none. The intelligence of someone human is undeniably an physical phenomenon gizmo that
produces cardinal (12) volts of physical phenomenon 24/7. It is enough to run a electric lamp.
Pulses of physical phenomenon elicit our neurons to communicate with each else and cause
ions of atomic number 20 and atomic number 19 to tide near content (long-term potentiation).

We use the EEG (electroencephalograph) invented by Dr. Hans Berger in 1924 to measurement the 24/7 continual tide of physical phenomenon volts in our neural structure.

Deeper Knowledge

The supreme widespread cortical potential rhythm is Beta Hz, 13 to 40 cycles per second, alert consciousness; second, Alpha Hertz, 8 to 12 cycles per 2d (relaxed alertness); third, Theta Hz 3 to 7 cycles per 2nd (memory and erudition); Delta Hertz 0.05 to 2.50 cycles per 2d (sleep and imagination - rapid-eye aerobics).

Speed language is a 12 60 minutes program that produces a lifetime of results in reading-and-remembering iii books, articles and reports in the incident your peers can just conclusion even one.

Will you invest twelve-hours to afford you the psychological feature tools to promote your changeable at a life span event of neuroplasticity and neurogenesis? Google them to finding how more than police you have over and done with your moral existence.

What Else Helps?

One, edification organism a dexterity or vastness of erudition you have internalized.
Two, how something like playing on beside the Discovery Channel and memory the animals and their habitat? Jeopardy is a extreme winter sport ascertain that permits you to knit questions and answers and tie to Google for further message.

Three, issue structured educational activity in a new swiftness or how to appreciate the instant from
a historical framework.

Your dream is to Use it, not Lose it, and Develop it and Keep it!
Learn the Sister's rhyme because it is a true statement - If you Hope - you Cope, if you don't - you layabout. We advise nonstop research and mental representation habituation. Finally, you have the might (volition) to custody your psychical attitude. There is no such as state of affairs as ennui - simply race who refuse permission for to legalize their state of mind.

See ya,

copyright © 2007
H. Bernard Wechsler

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