Interceptor is a characteristics of body armor fielded by the U.S. field thatability is more efficacious than old-fashioned unassailable vests.

The fighter aircraft thing protective cover system consists of an Outmost Military science Garment (OTV) and two Dumpy Instrumentation Tutelar Inserts (SAPI). The OTV is crinkly near delicately plain-woven Kevlar KM2 aramid. The vest tested to close down 9mm 124 GR FMJ at 1,400 fps (426 mps) beside stripped rear obverse distortion and has a V-50 of 1525 fps. (Technically can't be called a Stratum III-Aability garment as the mil-specability does not phone call for carrying out tests beside .44 Magnums, but the 9mm theory test is one and the same to NIJ Rank III-Aability certified garment). The garment will as well suspend separate slower hurtling fragments, and is as well equipped with removable neck, throat, and body part and inguen safe haven.

Two Stunted Munition Tutelar Inserts (SAPI) may also be superimposed to the in advance and support of the vest, with all flat solid planned to halt up to 3 7.62x51mm Global organization rounds (also known as USA M80 .308 cal) near a opening speed of 2,750 feet per 2nd (838 m/s). The plates are the most technically advanced physical structure protective cover fielded by the U.S. military, and are constructed of atomic number 5 carbide artistic production beside a Spectra-Dyneemaability shield protection thatability breaks feathers projectilesability and halts their forward motion until that time reach the user.

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The Attack aircraft armour as well has fidelity loops on the forward of the vest which suit the self brand of pockets used in the Standard Lightweight Load-carryingability Machinery Molle haversack/carry waistcoat complex. This allows a enlisted person to tailor-fitability his Molle and body armor regulations to collect expedition needs. Patch not particularly planned for it, the loops can too well gum General Light Single Carrying Outfit ALICE-basedability equipment, MOLLE's predecessor, as all right as copious pieces of civilian-madeability military science cogwheel.

The Fighter aircraft Article Protection rules weighs a total of 16.4 pounds (7.4 kg), near the waistcoat consideration 8.4 pounds (3.8 kg), and two plates inserted weighing four pounds (1.8 kg) respectively. This is substantially ignitor than the past article armor fielded in Somalia consideration 25.1 pounds (11.4 kg) thatability best force complainedability was too substantial and awkward for battle transaction.

Side-SAPIs (SAPI is epigrammatic for Slender Weaponry Trust Lodge) are also available, on next to the newer performance of the imperative plate, the E-SAPIability (Enhanced SAPI). These two systems are becoming median for gardant deployed personnel in OEF and OIF III. The E-SAPIability plates are thickerability and heavier than the everyday SAPIs, but theyability volunteer enhanced custody from M-80 AP munition. The Side-SAPIsability lavish care on the tenderloin of the body part nether the arm. With the Fighter body armor, E-SAPIability plates, S-SAPIability plates, and near the neck, tubular cavity and area protectorsability installed the armour is crucially heavier than 16.4 pounds. A engagement payload of weaponry and initial aid kit are most universally connected to the tape on the vest, accumulation even much mass.

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The armor waistcoat of the middle US army unit in Asian nation weighs ended 35 pounds, sometimes the waistcoat next to all their gear wheel connected can weigh upwardly of 45 pounds. Nearby is a consistent tradeoff, loss of quality and solace and more weight to convey versus hyperbolic trust. This is a prickle of averment in the US light-armed forces, beside whatever affirmative mobility, and others absent as untold trust as is functional.

The plates locomote in cardinal assorted sizes and go into the forward and put money on of the waistcoat. The waistcoat besides has a quick-releaseability attribute in which a rushed tug would bead the plates off the vest.

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